All the upcoming DC movies - release dates, details, and news (2024)

Let’s face it: the past few years have been a…bleak time for DC fans. From the nauseating visual effects of The Flash, to the entirely unfunny Shazam! sequel, it looks like our only hope for the future lays in the upcoming DC movies.

Well, the good news is there’s only one more flick to come before we finally hit theDCU‘s much-anticipatedGods and Monsters era. Once the new movie Aquaman 2 is out of the way, there’s a whole slate of DC characters lining up to take over. All this means we’re likely to see some of the best superhero movies to come from the studio in years, so here’s everything you need to know about the new DC movies in order of release.

Here’s the list of all the upcoming DC movies:

  • Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom
  • Joker: Folie á Deux
  • Superman: Legacy
  • The Batman – Part II
  • Supergirl: World of Tomorrow
  • The Brave and the Bold
  • Swamp Thing
  • The Authority
  • Untitled Black Superman Movie

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1. Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom

Release date: December 20, 2023

We’re not far out from the Aquaman 2 release date, and when it finally arrives, we’ll be able to say goodbye to the past era of DC movies. This aquatic sequel was apparently the product of countless on-set dramas, so maybe it’s a fitting time to wave it off.

Jason Momoa is back as Arthur Curry (AKA: Aquaman), and this time he’s d-d-d-domesticated! Jokes aside, the Aquaman 2 trailer raised plenty of questions, like “Why does Aquaman hang his suit out to dry?” and “Sooo…where’s Mera?” So, while we’re not super psyched about this one, we’ll still probably be trudging to the theaters come December to see how Aquaman’s (this version of him, anyway) story ends as the DCEU officially dies.

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2. Joker: Folie á Deux

Release date: October 4, 2024

Thankfully, the next movie in the lineup focuses on one of the best DC villains: The Joker.Folie á Deux is the sequel to the pop culture-shattering 2019 Joker movie, which earned Joaquin Phoenix an Oscar for his portrayal of the Clown Prince of Crime.While he’s not quite our pick for the top Joker actor of all time (that honor will always go to Heath Ledger), we’ll be seated for this.

I mean, a Joker musical with Lady Gaga as Harley Quinn? In what world won’t that be entertaining? Hardcore fans will be pleased to know the main crew is back for Joker 2, withTodd Phillips at the helm as director yet again.

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3. Superman: Legacy

Release date: July 11, 2025

It’s a bird! It’s a plane! No— actually, it’s the newest iteration of the Man of Steel. While we loved the DCU’s original take on Superman, we think it’s about time for the character to return to his classic, colorful comic book roots. Thankfully, this is exactly what James Gunn has in mind, with Superman: Legacy turning its focus to the hero’s battle between his alien heritage and human upbringing.

The new Superman casting made a big splash earlier this year, so it’s no surprise that this movie has become one of the most-anticipated of the bunch as David Corenswet steps into Henry Cavill’s muscly shoes. What’s more, this is James Gunn’s baby, since it’ll be written and directed by the DC head himself. Expect truth, justice, and the American way!

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4. The Batman – Part II

Release date: October 3, 2025

When we asked for ayounger, more emo-leaningBruce Wayne, Matt Reeves’ The Batman delivered. The moment Robert Pattinson pulled off that cowl and revealed his eyeliner-smudged eyes, we were already thinking: “When’s the next one?” Thankfully, there’s a sequel on the way, andThe Batman 2 release date is set forthe spookiest month of 2025, perfect for Batsy.

While the plot’s still under wraps, we have a feeling Barry Keoghan’s Joker is going to be involved. While some have rolled their eyes at what seems like the millionthiteration of the Batman villain, those behind The Batman have already proved their worth with their interpretations of Penguin and Catwoman. With their streak, an RPatz-Keoghan showdownshouldbe a winning formula.

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5. Supergirl: World of Tomorrow

Release date:TBC

If you thoughtSasha Calle asKara Zor-El was the best part of The Flash, then you’ll be pleased to know that Supergirl will get a moment to shine solo on the big screen when the Supergirl: World of Tomorrow release date arrives. We’ve already had a Supergirl series, thanks to The CW, but this new movie will hopefully giveKara the cinematic legacy she deserves.

While it’s not confirmed if Calle will be reprising the role, we do know it’ll be based on the graphic novel by Tom King, which sees Kara travel across the galaxy with Krypto the Superdog (yeah, really), to celebrate her 21st birthday. We’re hoping this means we’ll be getting a younger, coming-of-age-style story for this version of Kara, since she had a pretty tough time in The Flash.

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6. The Brave and the Bold

Release date:TBC

Okay, so there’s not one, but two Batman movies on the horizon? What did we do to deserve this?! That said, The Brave and the Bold will separate to The Batman canon, meaning there’ll be yet another Batman actor to add to the roster. This take also has a sort of Daddy Day Care-esque vibe to it, since it’ll see Bruce Wayne fighting crime side-by-side with his son, Damien.

A few things you need to know… One: Ben Affleck will not be playing Batman again. Two: The new movie will be an adaptation of the Grant Morrison comic book run, which focuses on Bruce Wayne learning that he has a son withTalia al Ghul. And three: Damien is a troubled 10-year-old ninja who takes up the mantle of Robin. In James Gunn’s own words, Damien is “a little son of a bitch.” All this, plus the factAndy Muschietti is set to direct, makes this one of the bestmovies on the slate, in our opinion.

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7. Swamp Thing

Release date:TBC

The Swamp Thing release date will signal DC’s most serious dip into horror yet. It suits, since Swamp Thing sounds like a creature from an old ’50s horror flick, anyway. It’s also gloriously simple, following the story of Alec Holland, who becomes a plant-based monster after he dies in a swamp. Now, Swampy might sound like a villain, but trust us, he’s cool.

Before becoming a swampy beast, Alec was a scientist working towards a solution for world hunger. After his murder, he becomes intent on stopping anyone who wants to harm the environment. (So kind of like a less seductive Poison Ivy, maybe?) This is set to be an origin story through and through, with James Mangold directing, so this is one of the few movies on the list you won’t have to do much prep for.

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8. The Authority

Release date:TBC

The Authority will be where Gods and Monsters gets its name from. Gunn has already suggested that this entry will be a key one within the Chapter 1 era, and will focus on one tricky team of anti-heroes. Along the lines of Watchmen, The Authority is a super-powered team made up of figures who toe the line between hero and menace.

Not many details have been released about The Authority, but you can think of it like The Justice League, if they were a little more unlikable. The line-up includes the likes of Jenny Sparks, a gritty British thug, Apollo, who’s basically their Superman, and Jack Hawksmoor, who can connect with the energy ofcitiesand can’t survive in rural areas. (He’s just like me, tbh.)

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9. Untitled Black Superman Movie

Release date:TBC

Last but not least, we have J.J Abrams’ untitled Superman project, which’ll be based on a script by author andcomic book writer Ta-Nehisi Coates. Rest assured, neither this movie or Superman: Legacy is affected by the other, meaning we’ll likely get two awesome Superman movies to enjoy without having to worry about continuity.

While still a DC movie, this will probably take place outside the official DCEU canon, much like The Batman or Joker 2. While not much has been said about this one, it’s looking like it’ll be a 20th century period piece, with a Black actor stepping into Superman’s cape and boots.We’ll never say no to a fresh take on the beloved hero, and you know what they say: In J.J we trust.

Well, there you have it! All the upcoming DC movies. For more on what’s to come in the land of superheroes, check out our guides to The Marvels, The Boys season 4 release date, and take a look at our list of the bestSuperman actors.

You can also check out our features on why DC has doubled down in the wrong direction, and the five things we want to see from James Gunn’s new DCU, and one we don’t.

All the upcoming DC movies - release dates, details, and news (2024)


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