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The K!rew 8 Aug 2019

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If something was holding you back from making your own kahoots, nothing will stop you now! We’ve added a question bank, more characters, slides, polls, autosave and more to help you create awesome kahoots, faster and easier.

A few weeks ago, at ISTE 2019, we previewed our brand new kahoot creator. Now, just in time for the new school year, we’re happy to announce that it’s now available for everyone! We’ve granted some of the most popular feature wishes, for example, more characters, added new tools to speed up and simplify kahoot creation, and introduced some new ways to play that will help you change game dynamics.

Hop on a quick tour and learn everything you need to know to master the new features:

  • How to use our question bank to create kahoots up to 3x faster
  • How you can combine quiz questions, true or false questions, slides and polls in one kahoot to teach a whole lesson (Kahoot! Pro)
  • Other improvements we’ve introduced based on popular feature requests and how they’ll help smarten up the experience both for creators and players.

Create games 3x as fast with our question bank

Instead of typing questions and answers from scratch, you can search our question bank across 60 million public kahoots. Just start typing a question and you’ll get autosuggestions that you can review and refine, including images. Using the question bank will help you create kahoots up to 3 times faster!

Watch this tutorial showing how the question bank works:

Teach a whole lesson by combining quiz, true or false questions, slides and polls

In addition to multiple-choice quiz questions, we’ve introduced new question types you can combine into one awesome kahoot: true or false, slide and poll.

True or false question is a great way to assess initial understanding or check how well students are paying attention. With the answer options pre-populated, it only takes seconds to add a question!

Slides, one of the new premium features in Kahoot! Pro, will allow you to add text, an image or a video between questions to…

  • Provide additional explanation and give more context
  • Introduce a new topic
  • Transition to the next topic
  • Present info needed to answer the next question

Here’s how you add slides to your kahoot:

Your can end your kahoot with a poll (available in Kahoot! Pro) to collect feedback, check how students feel about the game and how well they understood the content:

Play this kahoot to see what the game experience with slides and polls looks like to players:

New Kahoot! game creator | Kahoot! (2)

Play this fun icebreaker to get to know our new features a little better. We promise they won’t bite!

Say more, teach more: extended character limits and timer options

Based on popular requests, we’ve extended the character limit for questions and answers. You’ll now be able to add 120 characters in questions and 75 for answers, an increase of 25%, so you can say more with your kahoot.

If you’d like to give your students more time to think through difficult questions, you can now choose a 4-minute timer option. Especially handy for advanced math questions!

More improvements to speed up and simplify kahoot creation

The whole look and feel of the new creator got a refresh, too! On the left-hand side, you’ll see the questions you’ve already made, which you can easily drag and drop to reorder.

You can check what your questions will look like to players in the Preview mode – you’ll find the button in the top right corner.

Worried about losing your unfinished kahoot? Don’t worry! Our new autosave feature will ensure that your kahoot will always be saved as a draft if you haven’t published it yet.

Want to learn more about the latest updates and get more tips for creating kahoots your students will love? Sign up to join our FREE Kahoot! Unconference on Tuesday, August 20th, 2019!

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New Kahoot! game creator | Kahoot! (2024)


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