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To determine your next steps, choose the statement below that best describes your scenario, and follow the steps to return to SF State.

I took one semester off

If you only took one semester off, then you are still currently enrolled at SF State and you DO NOT need to re-apply for admission.

Please follow these five easy steps below to register for classes today:

1. Check for holds and registration appointment date

Visit yourStudent Center to check for any holds and your registration appointment date.To ensure that things go smoothly and that there are no obstacles to registering for classes, students should check their SF State email and student portal for any possible holds. There are multiple reasons for holds, and in some cases, a hold(s) will prevent students from enrolling in classes until they are removed.

2. Plan your schedule

Review your Degree Progress Report to determine missing requirements and use your Degree Planner to plan courses for future semesters.

3. Create a schedule

VisitGatorScheduler. This will allow you to import a class schedule into your shopping cart, select preferred courses, create breaks, and generate a schedule accordingly.

4. Ask an advisor

If you need help from an advisor,you can access drop-in services or make an appointment with theUndergraduate Advising Center.

5. Enroll

Once you have courses in your shopping cart, or have imported yourGator Scheduler into your shopping cart, you will be prepared to enroll on your priority enrollment appointment date/time. Simply open theStudent Center, under theAcademicsheader and click theEnrolllink. You can find more details on thehow to enroll page.

I took more than one semester off

If you are a former SF State Student and you did not complete your undergraduate degree, then you will need to be readmitted and approved for re-enrollment.

Please follow the five easy steps below to determine your academic standing and your additional next steps:

1. Good academic standing

Did you leave SF State in good academic standing or while on Academic Notice (formerly Academic Probation), subject to disqualification, or disqualification? Undergraduate students with an SF StateandCumulativeGPA (grade point average) of2.0or higher are considered to be ingood academic standing. If you are unsure about your academic standing, please email or call theUndergraduate Advising Centerto set up a readmission appointment with an academic advisor so that you can verify your academic standing.

2. Confirm academic qualification

If you left onacademic notice (formerly Academic Probation) or you were academically disqualified, you need to email or call theUndergraduate Advising Centerto set up an appointment to discuss possible steps to return to SF State.You will need to raise your SF State and cumulative GPAs to 2.0 or higher to be reinstated or readmitted.In order to raise the SF State GPA to 2.0, you must complete coursework inOpen Universitythrough theCollege of Professional and Global Education. Prior to enrolling through Open University, it is recommended that you meet with an advisor. For a full listing of Academic Notice (formerly Academic Probation) resources, visit ourAcademic Advising Hub.

3. Reapply for admission

If you left in good academic standing with both your SF State and cumulative GPAs at or above a 2.0, then your next step is to reapply for admission. Use this Readmission Questionnaire to see which pathway back to SF State is right for you!

After an application is received, students will be assigned their former SF State ID and regain access to their Student Center (if their previous personal information matches their new information). Students will receive email communications (sent to the email listed on their application) with important admission-related information, including their SF State ID, information about resetting their password, and how to access their Student Center in order to check the status of their application at any time.

4. Check for holds

Check your Student Center to resolve any holds, check how many units you've completed, and your overall academic record.To ensure that things go smoothly and that there are no obstacles to registering for classes, students should check their SF State email and student portal for communications about their application and admission status and any possible holds/alerts. There are multiple reasons for holds, and in some cases, a hold(s) will prevent students from enrolling in classes until they are removed.

5. Speak with an advisor

Once you have submitted your application for readmission, you may want to set-up an appointment with an advisor intheUndergraduate Advising Centerby emailing or calling the center. The advisor can assist you in understanding what requirements you have remaining to complete your degree and can offer referrals to major/minor advisors, if needed.

Students interested in applying for financial aid can get a jump start by reviewing our How Financial Aid Works page for information on the state priority deadline and how to submit a FAFSA or CA Dream Application.


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Next Steps | Returning Students (2024)


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